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Stylish floral designs; long storage time; production by top florists; production by top florists; exclusive leather booklet with instant photo;
Weekly / Flower Rental Subscription Plan
Our professional team of rental flower specialist can help you decorate your reception area, lobby, office, shop front, weekly / monthly / periodically replace with fresh flower, orchids, plants and silk flower. Please email us your requirement, specification, budget to us at [email protected], so we can provide you with the best proposals.     >> more details
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Artistic Flower Arrangement in Office and at Home - Hong Kong Delivery

Most flower shops in Hong Kong don’t have the Floral Decoration service, because it takes time to design and it has many different shapes and sizes. Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique understands our clients’ needs, so we newly design some floral decorations which are very creative. Each decoration is inspired by different things and made by our professional florists in European and Japanese styles. Each floral artwork is sure to give the recipients some freshness. Normally flower bouquets have one size and similar styles, most of them are put in the vase to showcase the beauty, sometimes they may look a little boring. However, the floral decoration is different. Our florists put a lot of effort trying to design different sorts of styles, they use Rose, Lily, Hydrangea, Bellflower, Hyacinth, Orchid etc. as the main flowers, together with leaves and other flowers to decorate the overall design, hoping to impress you with freshness, passion and warmth.

The Floral Decoration products are of different sizes, the big one can be as tall as 1 feet 11 inches, the small one is only about 8 inches tall. The bigger size floral decoration can be put in the hotel lobbies, restaurants, or to decorate the rooms. The smaller size ones can be put on the desk, podium, reception or cashier counter. It’s also suitable for many occasions such as new shop opening or visiting patients in the hospitals. The vases/containers are specifically made for this type of flower design, they are made of different materials like ceramic pots, rattan basket, man-made leather basket and wooden pot etc. Therefore each style is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Our Hong Kong flower shop will attach a beautiful handmade greeting card/best wishes card to your floral decoration gift, delivered by our professional team to make sure that the flowers are in good condition. If you have difficulties choosing the suitable floral gifts, you are welcome to take a look at our website which offers you over 50 kinds of especially designed products in a reasonable price.

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