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Father's Day Gift

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Main Collection 1
? Father's Day Gift
- also available for all year gifting to dad and uncles
( 23 products, $295 HKD - $1070 HKD )
( 1 products, $740 HKD (Macau) - $740 HKD (Macau) )
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- red wine, chocolate, spanish ham and gourmets
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- a fruit basket is always a healthy choice
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About our Father's day Gifts
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Order and send Father's day gift to Hong Kong, we are the best gift shop choice! Based in Hong Kong, Give Gift Boutique happy father's day gift collection 2020 has over sixty gifts for your choice. You can definitely find the right gift. Send a gift set with premium Chinese or English tea with food. The tea leaves, liquers and wine is a favorite of many dads, so in our Hong Kong father's day gift basket collection we have prepared many with pu er tea, earl grey tea, jasmine tea, Moet champagne lafite red wine, black label whiskey, Choya plum wine, etc. Father's day flower is not the most common father's day gift but we also carry some box set with green hydrangea and blue roses that are more masculine, and more suitable for fathers.we are also debuting the father's day present Bonsai miniature garden plant arrangement, with many species of small plants arranged on large opening ceramics pot. The Bonsai plant arrangements are usually only a feet wide, but already contain mini fountain, fake mountains, landscapes, a few plants with smokes effect, bringing nature to the beloved dad, who might be put under great stress all year, help him relax making it a great Hong Kong father's day plant bonsai gift.

In our father's day gift set hamper, we also have nice food such as peninsula hotel boutique food, Jensen's goose pate, Denmark emborg lump-fish caviar, jenny bakery cookies, making complete the food basket.

The father's day present that we celebrate in Hong Kong, like other non-secular holidays originated in the USA, started since 1910, and eventually is formally set to the 3rd week in June by the controversial president Dick Nixon. Interestingly father's day in Australian is the first Sunday in September. Our father's day gift can be ordered all year round even for dad's birthday.

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