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Duan Wu Festival gifts

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? Dragon Boat Festival Gifts
- dragon boat dumpling, traditional chinese wine, fresh fruit
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About our Dragon Boat Fest. Gifts
Dragon Boat Festival Food -
Glutinous Rice Dumpling is the festive food for the Dragon Boat / Duanwu Festival, and in our gift sets we include brands such as Hotel Peninsula, Four Seasons Hotel, Lee Garden, Kee Wah, St Honore. We also use the fashionable Ice Rice Dumpling from Cafe Arome and Maxim, that can be immediately consumed. We look forward to serving you.
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2020 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Gift

Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique releases a series of Dragon Boat Festival gift hampers and fruit baskets. Including some Duanwu gift models that our clients custom request for us to make in previous years. Surely Dragon Boat Festival food the first that comes to mind is Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, rice and ingredients wrapped in leaves and steamed. There are typically two type of Chinese dumpling wrapping styles, the larger octagon shaped and smaller baton shape. Our Dragon Boat festival hampers always use gift wrapping type of Chinese dumpling with a gift box, we tentatively will be using Lee Garden, The Peninsula Hotel, KeeWah and Maxims dragon boat festival Duanwu Chinese dumplings hampers. There is a proliferation of content inside the dumplings, it used to be pork egg yolks mushroom peanuts, now there is also scallops seafoods, thin golds, healthy green beans and red beans. Dragon boat festival fruit baskets usually contain 6 - 8 types of fruits, including import boxed blueberries, dragon fruits, kiwi fruits, star fruits/wax apples/mango, and guaranteed fresh. All Hong Kong dragon boat festival fruit hampers will use man-made leather baskets, further raising the prestige of the gift. In tradition, dragon boat fruit baskets can add Chinese wine or liquer, and Chinese yellow wine named XiongHuang wine is the holiday favorite.

Dragon boat festival is set on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar/Chinese calender, a public holiday observance in Hong Kong, a high gifting season. Usually relatives would gift each other self-made dragon boat festival dumplings, or shop dumpling certificates, and surely for overseas relatives and businesses our dragon boat festival or duanwu fruit basket for Hong Kong is the best choice. Other than dumpling eating the biggest observance activity would be dragon boat racing in Stanley and Shing Mun river telecasted for home viewing pleasure while eating seasonal food and spending time with family.

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